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梁挺宗師2017年<西安種子教練班> Great Grandmaster Leung Ting Xian Seminar 2017




Great Grandmaster Leung Ting was invited to teach a 4-day Condensed Seminar in the Xian branch of International WingTsun Association. The students who participated benefited a lot. They did not only get corrections on the Little Idea Form, Chum Kiu Form, positions, angles and special way of force generation from the Great Grandmaster Leung, they also learnt the advanced fighting concepts, physics of WingTsun and footwork.

On the last day, among students who got higher grades, four participants, who are from various parts of China such as Heilongjiang, passed the test under the watchful eyes of the Great Grandmaster and were promoted to "Primary Level Technician".

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