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Trainee Requirements : 
The Association lays paramount stress on the conduct of the trainees. Applicants with ill morals, applicants without a proper occupation on a good cause will not be accepted. As WingTsun is a soft, flexible form of kungfu, there is no strict requirements on age, constitution and education background.



Use of Locker :
HK$10 per month. A down payment of  HK$20 for the locker key also applies, which is refundable upon termination of the training program.



Grading Test :
We have a progressive test system in order to ensure that each student would achieve the best for every level. Every three months,  students are required to take part in a grading test. Those who pass the test will be promoted to a higher grade. Candidates that fails the test would take a make-up test after another three months. All test fees are non refundable.




Teaching Mode : 
The Association conducts a comprehensive training program designed to provide gradual training to the students. Teaching adopts the traditional "one-on-one" mode with the most advanced teaching methods. Each student could choose to join the program at any stage to suit his level of attainment, and thus would not have to worry about self-inadequacy due to personal abilities, or struggle due to absence from classes. This would also do away with the misgiving of many about the bad practice that "Sifu might hold back a trick or two" 

學員須知 :

1. 各學員須穿著整齊制服。為求劃一起見,全套制服必須於入學前向本會或由本會指定的代理 會或由本會指定的代理商店購買。如學員缺乏或忘記攜帶全套制服的話,教練將會停止該學員上課。

2.  本會首重「專師重道」傳統精神。每一學員必須於入門時首先向葉問宗師遺照鞠躬,然後向 然後向梁挺館長肖像鞠躬,再向所屬教練鞠躬。如遇大師兄或其他前輩,亦須鞠躬。凡平輩見面,或前輩對後輩,則以點頭為禮。每次經教練或前輩指正之後,應立即說「多謝」(或廣東話「唔該」)以示謝意。

3.  每一學員必須遵守本會的會規及武館規例。如一旦發現學員有違反會規、館規、館規,或有 遺背法紀行為,當即依事情輕重處理。輕者警告,重者立即逐出門牆。

Points for Attention :

1. All students are required to wear the uniform neatly and properly. Applicants can purchase their sets of uniform either from the instructor before attending the class. Students who do not wear uniform would not be allowed to attend the training.

2 . We emphasize on the traditional virtue of "Honouring the Teacher and Respect his Teaching". Upon entering the gymnasium, every student must respectively bow to the protrait of late Grandmaster Yip Man and the portrait of Professor Leung Ting. After that, he/she should bow to their instructor. A bow should also precede the meeting with the eldest kungfu brother or other seniors. A greeting nod is appropriate between students of the same generation. Each time after receiving guidance from the instructor or a senior, the student should say "Thank you" (or "Um-Goi" in Cantonese) as a token of gratitude.

3. Every trainee must strictly observe the rules of the Association and the regulations of the gymnasium. Violation of these rules and regulations and any disciplinary behavior will be dealt with according to the degree of seriousness. Warnings will be administered on minor offences, while serious violators will be expelled from the Association.



Tuition Fee:
Every student is required to settle his/her tuition fee for the whole month on the first lesson of each month. The instructor could suspend the students who fails to pay hisher tuition fee by the 8th of the month.

Paid tuition fees are non refundable.

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